About Us

We are a Czech company with Czech capital and truly Czech vegetable.

Petr Hanka began to farm on the fields near Mochov in 1993. Since then, over the years, the extent of cultivation, level of processing, packaging, and logistics have increased. Today we have farms in two locations, in Mochov near Prague and in Zálezlice by Mělnik. We care for the total of 830 ha of land in the finest areas of the "Polabí" (area along the Elbe River).

Membership in

Vegetable Union

Litozel Distribution Cooperative


Growing practices

During the growing process, we apply modern growing and harvesting, environmentally friendly methods, especially the system of good agricultural practices called Cross-Compliance and the IPZ growing system. The whole area of the cultivated land has an irrigation system in place.

We provide our customers with the best quality, which is confirmed by the GLOBALGAP and HACCP certificates and the KLASA mark for green beans.

We harvest most of our production throughout the growing season directly based on orders from our customers. Thanks to that, the time gap between the harvest and the delivery is around 24 hours. Immediately after harvesting, we cool down and then wash, sort, and pack the vegetable. Post-harvest processing of vegetables and potatoes uses the latest technologies and sorting lines. Washing the vegetables and potatoes is carried out both by the classic method and since 2009 also by the active method, through the so-called polisher.

We also have our own storage capacity for long-term storage of production and subsequent expedition during winter and spring months. Our storage process is fully automated.

Shipping to customers

Daily delivery of fresh vegetables and potatoes to distribution centres and wholesalers throughout the Czech Republic is provided using refrigerated vehicles.

We sponsor

Parish Charity Neratovice

Rybka - a provider of social services in Neratovice

Home hospice Nablízku, cadastral area Lysá nad Labem

Children's home in Krásná Lípa

Beach Service - beach volleyball club Praha, Benešov, Pardubice, Plzeň

Dům Kněžny Emmy - retirement home Neratovice

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