Fodder Carrot

Do you have rabbits, horses, llama, deer, or camel at home? Our firm offers fodder carrots most of the year. It is a scoured, broken carrot, which could be temporarily stored for a short period of time.

Fodder carrot has a high feed value and in our conditions it is a good complement of feed base. It is healthy and tasty feed, rich in nutrients, vitamins and mineral substances (carotenes, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E), with a higher content of bone-forming elements (Ca, P) and some others. Thanks to a balanced mix of contents and the vegetation water share, it significantly helps digestion. Suitable for all animals, especially horses at doses up to 10 kg per animal per day.



bags 25 kg

big-bag 1000 kg


Breeding And Fodder Carrot

The advantage of fodder carrot compared to fodder beet is that portion of carbohydrates found in it is in the form of starch. In the rumen of ruminants, it is not as vulnerable to bacteria as saccharides with significant methane fermentation.

Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats and poultry of all kinds like to feed on fodder carrot. Forage carrots proved to be a very good feed for all young and bred animals. When feeding to poultry, egg yolks have a nice yellow colour, hatching eggs have high hatchability and the health of chicken hatched from them is regularly very good. For feeding it to cattle, it is necessary to cut the carrot into thinner slices than the fodder beet, to prevent choking of the cattle. However, it can also be fed whole, if the animals do not take it voraciously and if they are accustomed.

If you want to treat your dear horse with something great, fodder carrot can only recommend.

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