This Mediterranean plant was already known to the ancient Egyptians, but in our country, it has become naturalized in the 17th century. 

Celery is very useful in the kitchen, and its medicinal effects by far exceed its normal use. In folk medicine, its aphrodisiacal effects are well known, but only a few people know about the high content of organic sodium in the celery leaves. This helps our body to keep inorganic calcium in soluble state, allowing its excretion instead of its harmful deposition in the joints. Celery sticks also contain high amount of vitamin C, B-complex, vitamins A, E, and K, potassium, magnesium, chromium, calcium, iron, zinc, and iodine, all in the organic form, acceptable for human body. On the other hand, there is about half of the content of minerals in the tuber, with only small traces of sodium. We try to supply it to market with fresh green leaves.

We always supply celery with leaves from the turn of June and July until October, and celery tubers from August. Supplies from refrigerated storehouses take place then until April.



crates 10 - 15 kg

raschel bag 10 - 25 kg

flowpack 1 pc


Celery Soup

Grate the celery and cook it in the meat broth for about 15 minutes, thicken and smoothen it by milk and egg yolk. Spice by finely chopped celery leaves. 


celery, bouillon cube, flour, milk, 1 egg, celery leaves, black pepper, salt

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