Garden Pea - wrinkled

It originates in the eastern Mediterranean. In Europe, it is grown on fields from the 9th century. A green pea is used as a vegetable in gastronomy from the 15th century.

This delicious vegetable also attracts bigger interest of consumers in recent years.

It contains 9 -13 percent carbohydrates, large amount of protein, vitamin C, B, E, and carotene. Because the amino acid composition is close to food of animal origin and it is easily acceptable for our body, it used for various special diets and nutrition; it is well known by vegetarians and athletes.

Pea is sown as soon as possible in the spring. Harvest usually begins in June and ends in mid-summer. The pods must have proper harvest ripeness, immature pods contain immature peas, and overripe ones contain floury and dry peas. Harvesting is therefore done manually; we are going through fields twice, sometimes three times. Sales must be done quickly to avoid its wilting, turning floury, and loss of vitamins.

If you want to preserve delicious taste and nutritional properties of peas at home, we recommend freezing it at about -18 degrees.


free (crates) - 5 - 10 kg

flowpack - 500 g


Fresh Pea

The most suitable, from the taste and dietetic points, is its consumption in a fresh state, shortly after podding. Great for salads and side dishes, to avoid its heat treatment.

Creamy Green Pea Soup

Fry finely chopped onion in butter until golden brown, together with half the amount of bacon. Add diced potatoes and peas (set some aside for garnishing). Fry for a while and then add broth, garlic, black pepper, and salt. After softening of the potatoes, remove the soap from the heat and mix it until creamy. To soften it, add cream and let it warm up. After seasoning, garnish it directly on the plate with the rest of the bacon, remaining peas (you can also use pods) and parsley. Serve with a bowl of fresh croutons or toasted herb toasts.


300g of fresh peas, 2 middle size potatoes, 150g of bacon, 1 litre of broth, 1 scallion/onion, 150 ml of cream (19%), butter, 1 clove of garlic, black pepper, salt, parsley, croissant/bread/baguettes

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