Green beans

Bean is a thermophilic plant that came to European countries at the end of the 15th century from Central America. In Mochov, we grow low bush varieties from which we harvest the pods in green harvest ripeness. Pods in this state contain large amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins of the B group, and provitamin A. We must not forget gluconins content, which lowers blood sugar levels and acts as a diuretic. Green beans stimulate red blood cells creation, help to lower blood pressure and prevent haemorrhoids.

Fresh green beans are delivered to our customers from early summer until the arrival of the first autumn frosts.

Heat treatment is always necessary before eating it. Raw beans contain phasin, a protein possibly causing intestinal problems.


free (crates) - 5 - 10 kg

flowpack - 500 g

Carry fresh - Vertbag - 500 g


Classic Czech Recipe- Beans with Cream

Remove long fibres from fresh green beans and chop them up. Put them into the pot with boiling, lightly salted water and boil them until they are semi-soft. Drain the pickle.  Prepare a light roux from butter and flour, add chopped onion, fry it a little, pour in part of the pickle, whip it and boil it well. Then pour in the cream with a spoonful of flour stirred in it, put in the beans and season it with paprika and heat it through. Serve with beef or hard-boiled egg and boiled potatoes.


1 kg of beans, 1 pinch of salt, 3 tbsps. of butter, 3 tbsps. of flour, 1 piece of onion, 1 cup of sour cream, 1/2 tsp. of paprika

Green Beans with Bacon

Put the beans into boiling salted water, let it boil and drain. In a hot pan, melt chopped bacon, add the beans and stir-fry the mix for about 5 minutes. Then stir in chopped garlic, herbs and cover it with a lid and stew it for a while. Stir occasionally during the stewing to evenly distribute  the herbal aroma. Salt is not needed anymore. Finished beans are served as a side dish to meat or as a separate dish.

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