Cucumbers come from India and they belong among the oldest cultural produces. They spread to Europe in the 5th century BC. The first "greenhouse" cucumbers were cultivated by the Romans under the windows made of mica.

There are two types of cucumbers on the market - a long, smooth-skinned "long English cucumber" and a shorter one, with thicker, dark green and slightly warty skins called "field cucumber". These are the ones we grow.

Cucumber is not a demanding plant to grow. It hates cold, so we must protect the first spring plants by agritextiles.

To prevent unwanted bitterness of the peaks, we pay attention to regular and uniform watering. We harvest manually. The harvesting is followed by a hand wash of vegetable, to remove soil residues.

Compared to other vegetable, the nutrients content is not large. This applies especially to long English cucumbers from speed-up plants. The pulp contains mainly water, sugars and minerals as well as smaller amounts of protein. Vitamins C, B1 and B2 are especially in the peel.


crates 10 - 15 kg

raschel bag 10 kg


Stewed Cucumbers with Eggs

Peel smaller cucumbers, remove the cores and chop it up. Stew it on frothy onion. Then add eggs mixed with milk and let it harden. Garnish the surface with parsley. 


cucumbers, onion, olive oil, eggs, milk, salt, black pepper

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